T1 1,544 Mb/s
T3 44,736 Mb/s
Ta Tantalum
TAB Technical Advisory Board; Tape automated bonding
TAFF Thermally Activated Flux Flow
TAP Tool Application Program
TAS Trace analysis system
TAT Turnaround time
Tb Terbium
TB Tight Binding
TBA Tertiary-Butyl Arsine
TBAH Tetrabutylammonium hydroxide
TBC Time-based competitiveness
TBP Tertiary-Butyl Phosphine
Tc Technetium
TC Time constant; Temperature coefficient; Thermocouple
T/C Thermocompression
TCA Test calibration assembly; 1,1,1-trichloroethane; Trichloroethate
TCAD Technology computer-aided design
TCC Tactical cell controller; Temperature coefficient of capacitance
TCDM Tool development cost model
TCE Temperature coefficient of expansion
TCI Tele-Communications, Inc.
TCM Tunneling current microscopy
TCN Transparent Content Negotiation
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TCP Transformer-Coupled Plasma; Tape Carrier Package; Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCR Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
TCS Temperature Coefficient Sensitivity
TD Thermal Donor(s); Thermal desorption
TDD Time Division Duplex
TDDB Time-dependent dielectric breakdown
TDEAT Tetrakis (diethylamino) titanium
TDEV Transport-level deviation
TDMAT Tetrakis (dimethylamido) titanium
TDMS Thermal Desorption Mass Spectrometry
TDR Time-Domain Reflectometry
TDS Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy
TD-SCDMA Time Division Synchronous Code-Division Multiple-Access
Te Tellurium
TE Tail End; Transverse electric; Transmitted electron
TEA Transverse excited atmosphere
TEC Thermal expansion coefficient; Test and Electrical Characterization; Thermo electric coolers
TECAP Transistor electrical characterization and analysis program
TED Transient enhanced diffusion; transmitted electron detection
TEG Technical exchange group
TEGFET Two-dimensional Electron Gas Field-Effect Transistors
TEM Transmission Electron Microscopy; Tunneling Electron Microscopy; Transverse electromagnetic mode
TEOS Tetraethoxysilane; Tetraethylorthosilicate; Tetraethelorthosilicate
tera 1.00E+12 (1,000,000,000,000/1; symbolized by the prefix T)
TES Two Electron Satellite
TFA Tree-based Floorplanning Algorithm
TFC Total fault coverage
TFE Tetrafluorethylene (teflon)
TFED Thin Film Electroluminescent Display
TFED Thin Film Electroluminescent Display
TFR Terrain Following Radar
TFT Thin Film Transistors
TFX Toxic effects
TG ThermoGravimetry
TGA Thermal gas analysis; thermal gravimetric analysis; TrueVision Targa image format
Th Thorium
TH Through hole
THC Total hydrocarbons
THEED Transmission High Energy Electron Diffraction
THT Two Hole Transition; Through hole technology
Ti Titanium
TIBA Triisobutlaluminum
TIF (aka TIFF) Tagged Image File image format
TIR Total indicator runout; Total internal reflection
TIS Tool induced shift
Tl Thallium
TLC Thin layer chromatography
TLE Tool loading elevator
TLM Tape-laying machine; Telemeter; Transition line model
TLS Transport Layer Security
TLV Threshold limit value
TLV/TWA Threshold limit value/time-weighted average
Tm Thulium
TM Transport module; Transition Metal
T-M Time-to-market
TMA Thermo mechanical analyzer; TriMethylAluminum
TMB Trimethylborate
TMC Transport module controller; Transfer module controller
TMG Tri-Methyl Gallium
TML Total mass loss
TMP Trimethylphosphate
TO Transistor outline package
TOA Take-off angle
TOC Total organic carbon; Total oxidizable carbon
ToD Time of Day
TOF Time of Flight
TOP Technical and Office Protocol
TOR Top of range
ToS Type of Service
TOW Tube-launched, Optical-tracked, Wire-guided (Missile)
TP True position
TPD Temperature program desorption
TPG Test pattern generation
TPM Total productive maintenance; Total productive manufacturing
TPRS Temperature programmed reaction spectroscopy
TPU Thermal processing unit
TQ Total quality
TQFP Thin Quad Flat Pack
TQM Total quality management
TRF Transition Reflection Formalism
TRIM Transport of Ions in Matter
TRON The Realtime Operation System Nucleus
T/S Thermosonic
TS Transport Stream
TSC Thermally Stimulated Current
TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act
TSCAP Thermally Stimulated CAPacitance
TSFZ Traveling Solvent Floating Zone
TSFZ Traveling Solvent Floating Zone
TSI Time Slot Interchanger
TSOP Thin small outline package
TSP Temperature-sensitive parameter
TSSOP Thin Shrink Small Outline Package
TT Technology trasnsfer
TTA Telecommunications Technology Association
TTC Telecommunication Technology Committee
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic; Through the lens
TTV Total thickness variation
TVS Triangular voltage sweep
TWA Time-weighted average
TWG Technical Working Group
TWT Traveling Wave Tube
TXRF Total X-ray fluorescence

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