I Iodine
I2C Intra Integrated Circuit
I2L Integrated injector logic
I300I International 300 mm Initiative
IAP Imaging Atom Probe
IBAE Ion Beam Assisted Etching
IBC ISDN Burst Controller
IBD Ion Beam Deposition
IBE Ion Beam Etching; Isoelectronic Bound Exciton
IC Integrated Circuit; Investment Council; Ion Chromatography
ICA Isotropically Conductive Adhesive
ICAM Integrated CAM
ICAP Inductively-Coupled Argon-Plasma (spectrometry)
ICC ISDN Communication Controller
ICCG InComplete Conjugate Gradient
ICE In-Circuit Emulator; Information and Content Exchange Format
ICMS Integrated Circuit Measurement System
ICP Inductively-Coupled Plasma
ICP-AES Inductively-Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
ICP-MS Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
ICT Ideal Cycle Time; In-Circuit Test
IDA Interchange of Data between Administrations
IDC Insulation-Displacement Connection
IDDQ Direct Drain Quiescent Current
IDEA International Data Encryption Standard
IDEAL Initiating, Diagnosing, Establishing, Acting, Leveraging
IDEAlliance International Digital Enterprise Alliance
IDEC ISDN D-Channel Exchange Controller
IDL Interface Definition Language
IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health
IDS Interactive Diagnostic System
IEA Ion Energy Analysis
IEC Infused Emitter Coupling; International Electrotechincal Commission; ISDN Echo Cancellation Circuit; International Engineering Consortium
IECQ International Electronic Component Qualification system
IEDF Ion Energy Distribution Function
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEF Imaging Energy Filter
IEPC ISDN Enhanced Power Controller
IEPS International Electronics Packaging Society
IERN Internal-External Recurrent Neural network
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IF Interface; Intermediate frequency
IFF If and only if; Commodore Amiga image format
IGBT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGES Integrated Graphics Exchange System
IGFET Insulated-Gate Field-Effect Transistor
IGMP Internet Group Multicast Protocol
IHPC ISDN High-Voltage Power Controller
IHT Ideal Handler Time
iHTML inline HTML
II Ion Implant (also I2)
IIC Intra Integrated circuit
IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
ILB Inner Lead Bond
ILD InterLevel Dielectric; InterLayer Dielectric
ILM Integrated Laser Modulator; Instrumental Landing System
ILS Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy
ILS Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy
IM Integrated Model; Instant Messaging
IM4DTTV Integrated Modem for DTTV
IMD InterMetal Dielectric
IMG GEM Paint image format
IMMA Ion Microphobe Mass Analysis
IMR Integrated Model Repository
IMS Ion Mobility Spectroscopy; Intelligent Manufacturing System
IMT International Mobile Telecommunications
In Indium
InAs Indium Arsenide
INCAMS Individual cassette manufacturing system
InGaAs Indium Gallium Arsenide
InGaAsP Indium Gallium Arsenide Phosphide
InGaN Indium Gallium Nitride
InP Indium Phosphide
INS Inelastic Neutron Scattering
InSb Indium Antimonide
I/O Input/Output
IOT Inductive Output Amplifier
IP Intellectual Property; Internet Protocol
I-PAL Improved PAL
IPAT ISDN Primary-Rate Access Transceiver
IPC Institute for interconnecting and Packaging ICs; International Press Telecommunications Council
IPL Ion Projection Lithography
IPM Inches Per Minute
IPO Initial Public Offering
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IPRM Indium Phosphide Related Materials
IPT Ideal Process Time
IPTC International Press and Telecommunications Council
Ir Iridium
IR InfraRed
IRAS Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy
IRFPA IR Focal Plane Array
IRIS Imaging of Radicals Interacting with Surfaces
IRM Ion Rate Monitoring; Isothermal Remnant Magnetization
IRN Internal Recurrent Neural network
IRONMAN Improving Reliability Of New Machines At Night
IRPC ISDN Remote Power Controller
IRS InfraRed Spectroscopy
IRTC-1 Interconnect Reliability Test Chip-1
IS Information Systems; Interface Specifications; Integrated Systems
ISA Instrumentation Society of America
ISAC ISDN Subscriber Access Controller
ISAN International Standard Audiovisual Number
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISC Industry Steering Council; Inter System Crossing
ISD Interface State Density
ISDB Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISE Integrated Solid Effect
ISEM Inspection/review Specific Equipment Model
ISHM International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics
ISM Industrial, Scientific & Medical band; Inductor Super Magnetron
ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance
ISO International Standards Organization
ISP Interface Strain Parameter; Internet Service Provider
ISP Interface Strain Parameter; Internet Service Provider
ISPM In Situ Particle Monitor
ISR In Situ Rinse
ISS Ion Scattering Spectrometry/Spectroscopy
ISSE In Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
ITAC ISDN Terminal Adapter Circuit
ITD Isothermal Desorption Spectrometry
ITO Indium Tin Oxide
ITRI Interconnection Technology Research Institute
ITT Inter-Test Time
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITV Interactive Television
IVP Integrated Vacuum Processing


J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition
J2SE Java Level 2 Standard Edition
JAAS Java Authenticationand Authorization Service
JADE Joint Audio Decoder Encoder
JAR Java Archive
JAXR Java API for XML Registries
JDBC Java Database Connectivity
JDP Joint Development Program
JEDEC Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (aka. Joint Electronics Design Engineering Council)
JEIDA Japanese Electronic Industries Development Association
JESSI Joint European Submicron Silicon
JFET Junction FET
JFIF JPEG/JPG compliant image format
JIC Joint Industrial Council
JIT Just-In-Time
JJT Josephson Junction Transistor
JMS Java Message Service
JPG JPEG/JFIF compliant image format
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (aka JPG) image format
JQP Josephson Quasi Particle
JSNM Japan Society of New Metals
JSP JavaServer Pages
JT Jahn-Teller
JTA Java Transaction API
JTAG Joint Test Action Group (part of IEEE)
JVM Java Virtual Machine

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