S/N Signal to Noise Ratio
S/PDIF Sony/Philips Digital Interface
S Sulfur
SA Surface area; Subresolution assist; Structured analysis
S/A Sensor/actuator
SAA Static automated analysis
SAB Sensor/actuator bus
SACD Super Audio CD
SAD Selected Area Diffraction
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAED Selected Area Electron Diffraction
SAGA Standards und Architekturen für e-Government Anwendungen
SAM Scanning Auger Microscopy
SAN Storage Area Network
SANS Small Angle Neutron Scattering
SAR Successive Approximation Register
SARE Segmentation And Reassembly Element
SAT Spray acid tool
SAW Surface-acoustic wave
SAX Simple API for XML
SAXS Small Angle X-ray Scattering
Sb Antimony
SB Strong base ion exchange
SBC S Bus Circuit
SBC-X S Bus Circuit Extended
SBD Schottky Barrier Diode
SBL Scanned Beam Laminography
SBT Slender Body Theory
SBU Sequential build-up
Sc Scandium
SC Semi-Conducting
SC1 Standard Clean 1
SC2 Standard Clean 2
SCA Surface charge analysis
SCALPEL Scattering with Angular Limitation in Projection Electron-beam Lithography
SCART European connector definition for TVs and VCRs
SCBA Self-contained breathing apparatus
SCC Strategic cell controller
SCCS Source code control system
SCE Saturated calomel electrode
SCF Super critical fluid
SCI Surface charge imaging
SCIC Semiconductor integrated circuit
SCM Scanning capacitance microscopy
SCNT Single Chip Network Termination
SCP Single chip package
SCR Silicon controlled rectifier
SCS Single Crystal Silicon
SCSI Small Computer System Interface (pronounced 'sku-zi')
SCT SciTex continuous tone image format
SCTE Society of Telecommunications Engineers
SD Small dual in-line package; structured design; single density
S/D Source/drain
SDFL Schottky-diode FET logic
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDHT Selectively Doped Heterojunction Transistor; SDH/SONET Transceiver
SDHT Selectively Doped Heterojunction Transistor; SDH/SONET Transceiver
SDLC Synchronous data link control
SDLTS Scanning Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy
SDM Specific Device Model for SAB
SDMI Secure Digital Music Initiative
SDR Software Defined Radio
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDS Smart distributed system
SDSI Synchronous data-link control
Se Selenium
SE Spectroscopic ellipsometry; secondary electron; Seed End; Surface Element
SEAJ Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan
SEC Size exclusion chromatography; Solvent extract conductivity
SECAM Systeme èn Coleur Avec Mémoire (european TV system)
SECS Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard
SEDOR Spin Echo DOuble Resonance
SEG Selective epitaxial growth
SEIM Software engineering improvement method
SEL Surface Emitting Laser
SEM Scanning electron microscopy; specific equipment model; Standard electronic module
SEMI Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
SEMISPIN Semiconductor Software Process Improvement Network
SEP Software engineering process
SEPG Software Engineering Process Group
SEQDB Semiconductor Equipment Database
SERA Sequential Electrochemical Reduction Analysis
SERDES Serialization/Deserialization
SES Secondary Electron Spectroscopy
SET Single Electron Tunneling/TransPort
SETEC Semiconductor Equipment Technology Center
SEXAFS Surface Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
SF Super Fluorescence
SFB Symmetry Breaking Force
SFC Supercritical fluid chromatography
SFCS Shop floor control system
SFCSI/F Shop floor control system interface
SFD Stacking Fault Density
SFG Sum Frequency Generation
SFM Surface feet per minute
SFTPS Secure File Transfer Protocol
Sg Seaborgium
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGMM Semiconductor Generic Manufacturing Model
SGMRS Semiconductor Generic Manufacturing Requirements Specification
SGRAM Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
SGV Scalable Vector Graphics
SHA Secure Hash Algorithm
SHAC Simple Hands-free Add-on Circuit
SHARC Super Harvard Architecture Computer
SHF Super HyperFine (interaction)
SHG Second Harmonic Generation
Si Silicon
SI Semi-Insulating; Service Information
SIA Semiconductor Industry Association
SiC Silicon Carbide
SICAT Siemens Concept Analog Telephone
SICOFI Signalling Codec Filter
SICOFI Signalling Codec Filter
SIDP Sputter ion depth profiling
SiGe Silicon Germanium
SiH4 Silane
SIL Systems Integration Lab (was ATF)
SIMO Single input, multi output
SIMOX Separation by implantation of oxygen
SIMS Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy
SIO Serial Input Output
SIOA Surface Induced Optical Anisotropy
SIP Single Inline Package; Session Initiation Protocol
SIPO Serial In Parallel output
SIR Surface Insulation Resistance
SIRIJ Semiconductor Industry Research Institute of Japan
SISFET Semiconductor-Insulator-Semiconductor FET
SISO Single input, single output; Serial in serial out
SIV Sensors in vacuum
SL Specification limit; Super lattice
SLAC Subscriber Line Audio processing interface
SLAM Scanning laser acoustic microscopy; Single layer alumina metallization
SLC Surface laminar circuit
SLD Strong Lattice Deformation
SLEED Spin-Polarized Low Energy Electron Diffraction (aka SPLEED)
SLIC Standard-function Linear Integrated Circuit; Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
SLICOFI Subscriber Line Interface Circuit and Signaling Codec Filter
SLIP Single Line Internet Protocol
SLM Spatial Light Modulator
SLOC Source lines of code
SLPSS Semiconductor Laser Pumped Solid State (laser source)
SLR Small Lattice Relaxation
SLS Strained Layer SL
SLSI Super large scale integration
Sm Samarium
SM Stress migration; Surface mount
SMA Shape Memory Alloy; Surface mount assembly
SMB Single-mask bumping
SMC Surface-mounted components
SMD Surface Mount Devices
SME Subject matter expert; Software maintenance engineer
SMEMA Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association
SMG Screen management guide
SMID Single Instruction Multiple Data
SMIF Standard mechanical interface
SMIL Synchronized Multi-media Integration Language
SMOBC Solder mask over bare copper
SMPM SECS message protocol machine
SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SMR Semiconductor mask representation
SMS SECS message service; Short Messaging Service
SMSC Short Message Switching Center
SMT Surface Mount Technology
SMTA Surface Mount Technology Association
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMTS Strategic Material Transport System
Sn Tin
S/N Signal-to-noise; Serial number
SNA Systems Network Architecture
SNAP Selective Niobium Anodization Process
SNAP Selective Niobium Anodization Process
SNMP Simple Network Managament Protocol
SNMS Sputtered neutral mass spectroscopy
SNOM Scanning nearfield optical microscopy
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
SO Small outline (package)
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOC System on (a) Chip
SOD Spin-on-dielectric; Silicon on diamond; Small outline diode
SO DIMM Small Outline Dual-In-line Memory Module
SOG Spin-on glass
SOI Silicon On Insulator
SOIC Small outline IC
SOM Scanning optical microscopy; sulfuric acid-ozone mixture
SONET Synchronous Optical NETwork
SOP Standard operating procedure; Small outline package
SOS Silicon on sapphire
SOT Small outline transistor
SOW Statement of work
SP Simple Profile
SPA-LEED Spot Profile Analysis Low Energy Electron Diffraction
SPC Statistical process control; Surface Photoconductivity
SPDE Service Provider Delivery Environment
SPEG Solid Phase Epitaxy Growth
SPGA Staggered Pin Grid Array; System Programmable Gate Array
SPI Software Process Improvement; Serial-peripheral interface protocol
SPICE Simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis
SPIDER-MEMSPIDER-Manufacturing Equipment Monitor
SPIN Software Process Improvement Network
SPLD Simple Programmable Logic Device
SPLICS Special-Purpose Linear Integrated Circuits
SPM Scanning probe microscopy
SportsML Sports Mark-up Language
SPP Single-phase printing
SPR Semiconductor process representation
SPS Surface preparation system
SPST Single pole, single throw
SPT Shortest processing time
SPTS Simple Program Transport Stream
SPV Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy
SQC Statistical quality control
SQUID Super conducting QUantum Interference Device
SQL Structured Query Language
SQM System Quality Manager
SQPMM Software Quality and Process Maturity Model
Sr Strontium
SR Shift register
SRAC Supplier Relations Action Council
SRAM Static random access memory
SRC Semiconductor Research Corporation
SRP Spreading resistance probe
SRPT Shortest remaining processing time
SRS Software requirements specification
SS Single sided
SSA Semiconductor Industry Association
SSB Single Side Band
SSC Standard Speech Circuit

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