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Match found atPin / acronym / transistorDescription of pin/acronym/transistorCompany
Sony Playstation (PSX) joystic"DATA""Data"
Commodore C64/C16/C116/+4 Seri/SRQINSerial SRQIN
Standard Mac serial din-88 pin to macserial 8 pin to mac
Serial (PC 9 Pin) rs232CDCarrier Detect
Mouse/Keyboard (PS/2)DataKey Data
Acronym DatabaseESCCEnhanced Serial Communication Controller
Serial ATA [SATA]GndGround
Macintosh SerialGndGround
RS232 25 pinGNDAA: Protective Ground
Apple iPod and iPhone (2g, 3g)GNDGround (-), internally connected with Pin 2 on iPod motherboard
Serial (15)GROUNDGround
Acronym DatabaseHSCCHigh-Level Serial Communication Controller
Acronym DatabaseHSCXHigh-Level Serial Communication Controller Extended
Macintosh RS-422 - Serial portHSKoOutput Handshake
RS232 LG PLC cablesMASTER-K Series with open netwMASTER-K Series with open network support
DEC Dual RS-232n/cNot connected
Tandy CoCo Serial PrinterNC--
Nortel Cisco RJ45to serial cabNortel Cisco RJ45to serial cabNortel Cisco RJ45to serial cable
RJ45 DTE serial cable AlcatelOmniPCX to ENS DTE cable RJ45 OmniPCX to ENS DTE cable RJ45 to RJ45

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