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Amiga Video Expansion+5V+5 Volts DC (1 A)Amiga
8 inch Floppy Diskdrive----
Commodore C64/C16/C116/+4 Seri/SRQINSerial SRQIN
Parallel (Olivetti M10)/STROBESTROBE
CD 32 Expansion-portA31Address 31
Acronym DatabaseACCESSAnalysis computer for component engineering services support
ADB Apple Desktop BusADBApple Desktop BusApple
4 PIN MiniDin Connector on AppADBApple Desktop BusApple
Enhanced Video Connector (EVC)Audio Output, RightAudio Output, Right
Acronym DatabaseBCADBusiness Computer-Aided Design
Acronym DatabaseCADComputer-Aided Design
Acronym DatabaseCAEComputer-Aided Engineering
Acronym DatabaseCAFMComputer Aided Facilities Management
Acronym DatabaseCAIComputer-Assisted Instruction
Acronym DatabaseCALSComputer-Aided Logistics Support (Air Force Program)
Acronym DatabaseCAMComputer-Aided Manufacturing; Content Addressable Memory
Acronym DatabaseCAPPComputer Aided Process Planning
Acronym DatabaseCAPSComputer-Assisted Problem Solving
Acronym DatabaseCARComputer-Aided Research; Computer-Aided Repair

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