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Name Description Added
Amiga 1000 RF MonitorAmiga 1000 RF Monitor16-12-2005
Amstrad CPC6128 MonitorAmstrad CPC6128 Monitor16-12-2005
Amstrad CPC6128 Plus MonitorAmstrad CPC6128 Plus Monitor16-12-2005
Apple S-Video INPUTApple S-Video INPUT16-12-2005
Apple S-Video OUTPUTApple S-Video OUTPUT16-12-2005
3B1-7300 Video3B1-7300 Video20-12-2005
Amiga VideoAmiga Video20-12-2005
Apple Accelerated Graphics CardApple Accelerated Graphics Card 20-12-2005
Apple Digital Audio Video (DAV)Apple Digital Audio Video (DAV)20-12-2005
Apple IIc Video Expansion ConnectorApple IIc Video Expansion Connector20-12-2005
Apple Studio Display 15Apple Studio Display 1520-12-2005
Apple Studio Display 15Apple Studio Display 1520-12-2005
AT&T 6300 Taxan MonitorAT&T 6300 Taxan Monitor20-12-2005
AT&T PC6300 VideoAT&T PC6300 Video20-12-2005
Atari Falcon030 RGB/VGA outputAtari Falcon030 RGB/VGA output20-12-2005
Atari Jaguar A/VAtari Jaguar A/V20-12-2005
Atari ST MonitorAtari ST Monitor20-12-2005
ATI All-In-Wonder A/V connectorATI All-In-Wonder A/V connector20-12-2005
CDTV Video SlotCDTV Video Slot20-12-2005
CGACGA CGA=Color Graphics Adapter. Videotype: TTL, 16 colors. Also known as IBM RGBI. (15.75 KHz - 320x200 or 640x200)20-12-2005
CM-8/CoCo RGBCM-8/CoCo RGB20-12-2005
IBM PCjr CGAIBM PCjr CGA20-12-2005
PCI Power Macintosh 7200, 7500, 8500, 9500PCI Power Macintosh 7200, 7500, 8500, 950020-12-2005
C64 RS232 User PortAvailable on the Commodore C64/C128. Software emulated. The signals does not have true RS232 levels. It's TTL level, and RXD/TXD is inverted. It's just the normal User Port, used as a RS232 port.20-12-2005
Cisco Console Port for Cisco 1000, 1600, 2500, 2600, And 3600 Series RoutersCisco Console Port for Cisco 1000, 1600, 2500, 2600, And 3600 Series Routers20-12-2005
RocketPortRocket Port20-12-2005
RS232 25 pin RS-232 was created for one purpose, to interface between Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data Communications Equipment (DCE) employing serial binary data interchange. So as stated the DTE is the terminal or computer and the DCE is the modem or other communications device.20-12-2005
RS422 - RS499 RS422 - RS499 COLFAX INTERNATIONAL20-12-2005
Serial (15)Serial (15)20-12-2005
UPS YUNTO P SERIES (250/500/750/1250)UPS YUNTO P SERIES (250/500/750/1250)20-12-2005
Telephone Plug Mono 3.5 mmTelephone Plug Mono 3.5 mm30-12-2005
Telephone Plug Stereo3.5 mmTelephone Plug Stereo3.5 mm30-12-2005
Telephone Plug Mono 6.25 mmTelephone Plug Mono 6.25 mm30-12-2005
Telephone Plug Stereo 6.25 mmTelephone Plug Stereo 6.25 mm30-12-2005
Betamax VCR ChargerBetamax VCR Charger13-01-2006
Betamax VCR ChargerBetamax VCR Charger13-01-2006
JVC VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15MJVC VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15M13-01-2006
Panasonic VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15MPanasonic VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15M13-01-2006
SONY Betamax Multi-connectorSONY Betamax Multi-connector13-01-2006
SONY K (Betamax)SONY K (Betamax)13-01-2006
SONY VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15FSONY VTR (Video tape Recorder) DB15F13-01-2006
Jtag connector 20 pinJtag connector 20 pin13-01-2006
S-Video 7 PINS-Video 7 PIN13-01-2006
Commodore 1084 & 1084S (Digital)Commodore 1084 & 1084S (Digital)17-01-2006
Commodore 1084 & 1084S (Analog) VideoCommodore 1084 & 1084S (Analog) Video17-01-2006
Commodore 1084D & 1084DS VideoCommodore 1084D & 1084DS Video17-01-2006
Commodore C16/C116/+4Commodore C16/C116/+417-01-2006
SonyEricssonSE K700, K700i, S700, S700i, F500, F500i, K500, K500i, T610, T616, T630, Z600, P900, P908, T226, T226s, T230, T238, T200, T202, T310, T312, T316, T300, T302, T306, P800, P802, T39m, T39mc, R520, R520m, R520mc, T65s, T66, T62u, T68i, T68m, T68mc, T68ie, z1010, T100, T102, T105, T106, T66, T600, R600, R600s, R600sc, A3618, T610, T628, T616, T616, T630, Z200, Z600, Z60819-01-2006
Sony CMD 1000Sony CMD 100001-02-2006
OBD2 to USB interface cable scheme and plateODB2 to USB interface cable OBD II06-02-2006
OBD2 to rs232 interface cable scheme and plateODB2 to rs232 interface cable OBD II06-02-2006
DVIDigital Video Interactive08-02-2006
Cisco Token Ring Port DB9Cisco Token Ring Port DB908-02-2006
RS366 interfaceRS366 interface15-02-2006
RS423 interfaceRS423 is a unbalanced serial interface for the transmission of digital data. The EIA describes RS423 as a DTE to DCE interface only containing the electrical characteristics.15-02-2006
SO DIMM DRAM 72 Pin SO DIMM DRAM 72 Pin16-02-2006
DRAM SIMM 72 PinDRAM SIMM 72 Pin16-02-2006
Amiga Mouse/JoystickAmiga Mouse/Joystick16-02-2006
Amstrad Digital/JoystickAmstrad Digital/Joystick16-02-2006
Apple IIc JoystickApple IIc Joystick16-02-2006
Atari 2600 JoystickAtari 2600 Joystick16-02-2006
Atari 5200 JoystickAtari 5200 Joystick16-02-2006
Atari 7800 JoystickAtari 7800 Joystick16-02-2006
Atari Enhanced JoystickAtari Enhanced Joystick16-02-2006
Atari Mouse JoystickAtari Mouse Joystick16-02-2006
Commodore C16/C116/+4 JoystickCommodore C16/C116/+4 Joystick16-02-2006
C64 / VIC20 Control PortCommodore C64 / VIC20 Control Port16-02-2006
Macintosh MouseMacintosh Mouse16-02-2006
MSX JoystickMSX Joystick16-02-2006
NeoGeo JoystickNeoGeo Joystick16-02-2006
PC MIDI + game portPC MIDI + game port16-02-2006
SGI Mouse (Model 021-0004-0002)SGI Mouse (Model 021-0004-0002)16-02-2006
Sony Playstation Controller PortSony Playstation Controller Port16-02-2006
TI-99/4A Joystick PortTI-99/4A Joystick Port16-02-2006
Amiga 5 Pin KeyboardAmiga 5 Pin Keyboard16-02-2006
Amiga 6 Pin KeyboardAmiga 6 Pin Keyboard16-02-2006
Amiga CD-32 KeyboardAmiga CD-32 Keyboard16-02-2006
AT&T 6300 KeyboardAT&T 6300 Keyboard16-02-2006
Atari MEGA ST(e)/TT keyboardAtari MEGA ST(e)/TT keyboard16-02-2006
Keyboard (XT)Keyboard (XT)16-02-2006
Motorola V860 cell phone pinoutMotorola V860 cell phone pinout17-02-2006
Apple EtherTalk card pinoutApple EtherTalk card pinout28-02-2006
Commodore C65 VideoCommodore C65 Video08-03-2006
Commodore C65 VideoCommodore C65 Video08-03-2006
Commodore C128 RGBICommodore C128 RGBI08-03-2006
Commodore C128/C64C VideoCommodore C128/C64C Video08-03-2006
Commodore CBM 1902A VideoCommodore CBM 1902A Video08-03-2006
Commodore Vic20 VideoCommodore Vic20 Video08-03-2006
DFP-compliant MDR-20DFP-compliant MDR-20 08-03-2006
EGAEGA=Enhanced Graphics Adapter. Videotype: TTL, 16/64 colors. (15.74-21.85 KHz) 08-03-2006
Macintosh Video Power Macintosh 7200, 7500, 8500, 9500 Mac II Analog (35 KHz H, 66.67 Hz V - 640x480) Mac II and Quadra Analog (49.7 KHz H, 74.55 Hz V - 832x624) 08-03-2006
MDA (Hercules)MDA (Hercules) 08-03-2006
Monochrome TTLMonochrome TTL (18.43 KHz - 720x350)08-03-2006
NeoGeo A/VAvailable on the NeoGeo videogame.08-03-2006
PGAVideotype: Analogue. PGA = Professional Graphics Adapter08-03-2006
PlayStation A/VAvailble on the Sony PlayStation Videogame. +--------------+ | oooooooooooo | +--------------+ 1 1208-03-2006
SGI Open LDISGI Open LDI08-03-2006
SNES VideoAvailable on the Nintendo SNES. +-------------------+ | 11 9 7 5 3 1 | | 12 10 8 6 4 2 | +-------------------+08-03-2006
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