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Sony 10-pin VIDEO AUDIO AND LA Audio out LEFT Audio out LEFT
AGP Bus Connector+12 V dcIntel
Amiga Video Expansion+5V+5 Volts DC (1 A)Amiga
Commodore Vic20 Video+6V+6 VDC (10 mA max)
Amiga Video/XCLKExtern Clock
TI-99/4A Video/Audio pinout de12 v12 v
TI-99/4A Video/Audio Port12V vid
JVC VTR (Video tape Recorder) ??
Panasonic VTR (Video tape Reco??
Apple S-Video INPUTAnalog GNDAnalog GND
Apple S-Video OUTPUTAnalog GNDAnalog GND
Enhanced Video Connector (EVC)Audio Output, RightAudio Output, Right
Transistor DatabaseBF622npn 250V video o/pSie
Transistor DatabaseBF623pnp 250V video o/pSie
Transistor DatabaseBFN16npn video o/p 250V comp BFN17Sie
Transistor DatabaseBFN17pnp video o/p 250V comp BFN16Sie
Transistor DatabaseBFN18npn video o/p 300Vcomp BFN19Sie
Transistor DatabaseBFN19pnp video o/p 300V comp BFN18Sie
Transistor DatabaseBFN20npn video o/p 300V comp BFN21Sie

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