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PCI Express 1x
3 pin XLR male connector 3 pin XLR male connector 3 pin XLR male connector
29 pin DVI Connector"DDC Clock [SCL]""DDC Clock [SCL]"
12 pin LG handsfree cell phone"GND�""GND�"
Microsoft Zune connector pinou"USB 5VDC(+) ""USB 5VDC(+)"
Lorex 6pin din to rca+ 12V+ 12V Input
AGP Bus Connector+12 V dcIntel
Industrial PCI (IPCI)+3,3V+3.3 VDC
Amiga Video Expansion+5V+5 Volts DC (1 A)Amiga
ATA (44) Internal+5VL+5 VDC (Logic)
ISA/I/O CH CKI/O channel check; active low=parity error
Porsche 997.1 Turbo DME Pinout11Apple
CD 32 Expansion-portA31Address 31
4 PIN MiniDin Connector on AppADBApple Desktop BusApple
ADB Apple Desktop BusADBApple Desktop BusApple
Enhanced Video Connector (EVC)Audio Output, RightAudio Output, Right
BMW OBD 2 20pin Connector CabBMW OBDII Female to BMW 20pin BMW OBDII Female to BMW 20pin Connector Cable
ATI All-In-Wonder A/V connectoComposite Video Signal (I/O)Composite Video Signal (I/O)
Atari ACSI DMA ConnectorD0Data 0Atari
Secure Digital SD Card, Pin OuDAT3/CS Data Line

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