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 Description : SCART
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 At the video/TV
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 At the cable

 Pinout : 0

1AOR0.5 V rms<1k ohmAudio Out Right
2AIR0.5 V rms>10k ohmAudio In Right
3AOL0.5 V rms<1k ohmAudio Out Left + Mono
4AGNDAudio Ground
5B GNDRGB Blue Ground
6AIL0.5 V rms>10k ohmAudio In Left + Mono
7B0.7 V75 ohmRGB Blue In
8SWTCH12V = 4:3;Audio/RGB switch / 16:9
9G GNDRGB Green Ground
10CLKOUTData 2: Clockpulse Out (Unavailable ??)
11G0.7 V75 ohmRGB Green In
12DATAData 1: Data Out (Unavailable ??)
13R GNDRGB Red Ground
14DATAGNDData Ground
15R0.7 V (Chr75 ohmRGB Red In / Chrominance
16BLNK1-3 V=RGB,75 ohmBlanking Signal
17VGNDComposite Video Ground
18BLNKGNDBlanking Signal Ground
19VOUT1 V75 ohmComposite Video Out
20VIN1 V75 ohmComposite Video In / Luminance
21SHIELDGround/Shield (Chassis)

 Note : SCART

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