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Match found atPin / acronym / transistorDescription of pin/acronym/transistorCompany
Sony 10-pin VIDEO AUDIO AND LA Audio out LEFT Audio out LEFT
Sony Playstation Controller Po" DATA "" Data"
Sony Playstation (PSX) joystic"DATA""Data"
BHSON16 BHSON18 SONY 16 PIN CA12 Volt Power12 Volt Power
Transistor Database2SC125[Sony] - NPN Silicon100V, 0,05A, 0,75W, 200MHz
Transistor Database2SC126 - NPN Silicon=2SC125[Sony], 140V
SONY K (Betamax)Camera video outCamera video out
SONY VTR (Video tape Recorder)Coarse PhaseCoarse Phase
Sony Playstation Controller PoDATAData
Sony CMD CD5GndGndSiemens
PlayStation A/VGNDGround
notebook common battery pinoutnotebook common battery pinoutnotebook common battery pinout
Sony CMD 1000Power (+ 9V)Power (+ 9V)
Sony Camera Connector PinoutPower Ground (- negative)Power Ground (- negative)--- 10.6V ~ 17V
Acronym DatabaseS/PDIFSony/Philips Digital Interface
Sony VISCA see picsee pic
SONY Betamax Multi-connectorSony Remote control Ctrl-S groSony Remote control Ctrl-S ground

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