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Match found atPin / acronym / transistorDescription of pin/acronym/transistorCompany
Lorex 6pin din to rca+ 12V+ 12V Input
PCI Power Macintosh 7200, 7500-12V-12V
Transistor Database2N3441160V 3A 25W POWER
Transistor Database2N377150V 30A 150W POWER
Transistor Database2N3772100V 20A 150W POWER
Transistor Database2N3773160V 16A 150W POWER
Transistor Database2SA1156400V 0.5A 10W POWER
Transistor Database2SA1261100V 10A 60W POWER
Transistor Database2SA126650V 0.15A 0.4W POWER
Transistor Database2SB33750V 7A 30W LF-POWER
Transistor Database2SB70780V 7A 40W POWER
Transistor Database2SB94160V 3A 35W POWER
Transistor Database2SC2331150V 2A 15W POWER
Transistor Database2SC2334150V 7A 40W POWER
Transistor Database2SC2335500V 7A 40W POWER
Transistor Database2SC2365600V 6A 50W POWER
Transistor Database2SC2750150V 15A 100W POWER
Transistor Database2SC30261700V 5A 50W POWER
Transistor Database2SC39981500V 25A 250W POWER
Transistor Database2SC47441500V 6A POWER

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