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Parallel (Olivetti M10)/STROBESTROBE
Parallel (Amiga)/STROBESTROBE
Centronics Parallel/STROBESTROBE
ECP Parallel/STROBEA low on this line indicates, that there is valid data at the host. When this pin is de-asserted, th ...
Acronym DatabaseHIPPIHigh Performance Parallel Interface
Acronym DatabaseMPMulti Phonon; Melting point; Massively parallel
SPP ParallelnStrobenStrobe
Acronym DatabasePEELSParallel Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Acronym DatabasePIAParallel Interface Adapter
Acronym DatabasePIOParallel Input Output
Acronym DatabasePIPOParallel In Parallel Out
Acronym DatabasePISOParallel In Serial Out
Acronym DatabasePPRAMParallel Processing Random Access Memory
Acronym DatabaseSIPOSerial In Parallel output
EPP ParallelStrobeA low on this line indicates a Write, High indicates a Read

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