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E2120, E210, E215, E218, E250, RADIO_ANT
Sony Playstation (PSX) joystic"DATA""Data"
RS366 interface----
ADB Apple Desktop BusADBApple Desktop BusApple
Acronym DatabaseADPAdministrative data processing
Acronym DatabaseCDRformat; Clock and Data Recovery
Acronym DatabaseCDRChemical Distribution Room; Compact Disc Rewriteable/Recordable; CorelDraw image format; Clock and D ...
Acronym DatabaseDAAData Access Arrangement
Secure Digital SD Card, Pin OuDAT3/CS Data Line
Acronym DatabaseDATALEEDLEED w/ extremely fast data acquisition&computer processing
Acronym DatabaseDDMSDefect Data Management System
Acronym DatabaseDDRDouble Data Rate
Acronym DatabaseDESData Encryption Standard; Display Equipment Status
Acronym DatabaseDIMData Information Record
Acronym DatabaseDMLData Manipulation Language; Display Message Log
Acronym DatabaseDMSData Management Standard; Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors; Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy
Acronym DatabaseDOCSISData Over Cable Service Interface Specification
Acronym DatabaseDSVDDigital Simultaneous Voice and Data
Acronym DatabaseDXFData eXchange Format; Autodesk drawing interchange image format
Acronym DatabaseEDGEEnhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution

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