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Match found atPin / acronym / transistorDescription of pin/acronym/transistorCompany
Lorex 6pin din to rca+ 12V+ 12V Input
Acronym DatabaseACIAAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
Galaxy Tab DIY USB Host donglDIY USB Host dongleOTG host mode
Apple iPhone headphone jack adGNDLeft audio
Acronym DatabaseITACISDN Terminal Adapter Circuit
Acronym DatabasePIAParallel Interface Adapter
VGA 15 Pin d-sub, d sub or dsuREDRed Video (75 ohm, 0.7 V p-p)
VGA 9 PinREDRed Video
VGA (VESA DDC)REDRed Video (75 ohm, 0.7 V p-p)
k-line ECU diagnostic port klisee picsee pic
75-120-Ohm Adapter Cable Coscosee picture
Siemens VDO SIM 210Siemens VDO SIM 210Siemens VDO SIM 210
Sony VMC-UAM1 USB Adapter CablSony VMC-UAM1 USB Adapter CablSony VMC-UAM1 USB Adapter Cable
Android USB adapterVCC+5V

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