Information about cable, connector or adapter : 75-120-Ohm Adapter Cable Cosco RJ45 E1 G703  

 75-120-Ohm Adapter Cable Cosco RJ45 E1 G703
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 Description : The 75-120-ohm adapter cable connects Cisco 120-ohm E1 port adapters to 75-ohm unbalanced G.703 E1 lines. The adapter has an eight-pin RJ-48C connector on the 120-ohm side and dual BNC coaxial connectors (transmit and receive) on the 75-ohm side. Two switches on the 120-ohm side allow the outer conductor of the cable (the input port of the E1 port adapter) to be either isolated from or connected to a protected earth ground

 75-120-Ohm Adapter Cable Cosco RJ45 E1 G703
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