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 29 pin DVI Connector
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 Description : 29 pin DVI Connector

 29 pin DVI Connector
 29-Pin DVI Connector

 Pinout : 0

1"TMDS Data2-"" ""TMDS Data2-"
2"TMDS Data2+"" ""TMDS Data2+"
3"TMDS Data2/4 Shield"" ""TMDS Data2/4 Shield"
4"TMDS Data4-"" ""TMDS Data4-"
5"TMDS Data4+"" ""TMDS Data4+"
6"DDC Clock [SCL]"" ""DDC Clock [SCL]"
7"DDC Data [SDA]"" ""DDC Data [SDA]"
8"Analog vertical sync"" ""Analog vertical sync"
9"TMDS Data1-"" ""TMDS Data1-"
10"TMDS Data1+""TMDS Data1+"
11"TMDS Data1/3 Shield""TMDS Data1/3 Shield"
12"TMDS Data3-""TMDS Data3-"
13"TMDS Data3+""TMDS Data3+"
14"+5 V Power""+5 V Power"
15"Ground (for +5 V)""Ground (for +5 V)"
16"Hot Plug Detect""Hot Plug Detect"
17"TMDS Data0-""TMDS Data0-"
19"TMDS Data0/5 Shield""TMDS Data0/5 Shield"
20"TMDS Data5-""TMDS Data5-"
21"TMDS Data5+""TMDS Data5+"
22"TMDS Clock Shield""TMDS Clock Shield"
23"TMDS Clock +""TMDS Clock +"
24"TMDS Clock -""TMDS Clock -"
"C1""Analog Red""Analog Red"
"C2""Analog Green""Analog Green"
"C3""Analog Blue""Analog Blue"
"C4""Analog Horizontal Sync""Analog Horizontal Sync"
"C5""Analog GND Return: (analog R,"Analog GND

 Note : Single Link DVI uses 12 of the available pins providing a maximum bandwidth of 165MHz. Single Link connectors do not use pins 4, 5, 12, 13, 20 and 21. Dual link DVI is implemented when all 24 pins are used providing 2 x 165MHz bandwidth.