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 Digital Flat Panel (DFP)
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 Description : The DFP connector is a 20 pin connector. It and the DVI connector carry the same type of digital signal (TMDS. Transition Minimized Differential Signaling). The DFP connector was created before the DVI, by VESA, and is only designed to carry digital video, so there is no provision to carry analog.

 Digital Flat Panel (DFP)
 Digital Flat Panel (DFP)

 Pinout : 0

1TX Data 1+TX Data 1+
2TX Data 1-TX Data 1-
3Shield 1Shield 1
4Shield ClockShield Clock
5TX Clock +TX Clock +
6TX Clock -TX Clock -
7Logic GroundLogic Ground
8Logic +5VDCLogic +5VDC
11TX Data 2+TX Data 2+
12TX Data 2-TX Data 2-
13Shield 2Shield 2
14Shield 0Shield 0
15TX Data 0+TX Data 0+
16TX Data 0-TX Data 0-
18Hot Plug DetectHot Plug Detect
19DDC2B DataDDC2B Data
20DDC2B ClockDDC2B Clock

 Note : Signal Type: digital only...