Information about cable, connector or adapter : Enhanced Video Connector (EVC)  

 Enhanced Video Connector (EVC)
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 Description : The EVC connector is a combination analog and digital connector designed to carry VGA/RGB, FireWire, audio, and USB signals. The EVC connector is essentially the same as the DVI connector, except it carries different signals. It was designed to simplify computer-monitor connections and to carry video signals with a greater bandwidth that is possible with a VGA connector.

 Enhanced Video Connector (EVC)
 Enhanced Video Connector (EVC)

 Pinout : 0

1Audio Output, RightAudio Output, Right
2Audio Output, LeftAudio Output, Left
3Audio Output, ReturnAudio Output, Return
4Sync returnSync return
5Horizontal Sync (TTL)Horizontal Sync (TTL)
6Vertical Sync (TTL)Vertical Sync (TTL)
91394 pair A, data -1394 pair A, data -
101394 pair A, data +1394 pair A, data +
11Charging power input, (+)Charging power input, (+)
12Charging power input, (-)Charging power input, (-)
13Video input Y or Composite inVideo input Y or Composite in
14Video input, returnVideo input, return
15Video input, C inVideo input, C in
16USB data (+)USB data (+)
17USB data (-)USB data (-)
18USB/1394 common mode shieldUSB/1394 common mode shield
191394 Vg1394 Vg
201394 Vp1394 Vp
21Audio Input, LeftAudio Input, Left
22Audio Input, RightAudio Input, Right
23Audio Input, ReturnAudio Input, Return
24Stereo Sync (TTL)Stereo Sync (TTL)
25DDC ReturnDDC Return
26DDC data (SDA)DDC data (SDA)
27DDC clock (SCL)DDC clock (SCL)
28+5 VDC+5 VDC
291394 pair B, clock (+)1394 pair B, clock (+)
301394 pair B, clock (-)1394 pair B, clock (-)
c1Red video outRed video out
c2Green video outGreen video out
c3Pixel clock outPixel clock out
c4Blue video outBlue video out
c5Video/pixel clock returnVideo/pixel clock return

 Note : Pins 8, 18 and 28 are recessed in the cable end connector (plug) to provide for proper power/ground sequencing.