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 RS232 25 pin
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 Description : RS-232 was created for one purpose, to interface between Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data Communications Equipment (DCE) employing serial binary data interchange. So as stated the DTE is the terminal or computer and the DCE is the modem or other communications device.

 RS232 25 pin
 At the DTE

 RS232 25 pin
 At the DCE

 Pinout : 0

1GND------AA: Protective Ground
2TXDOUTBA: Transmit Data
3RXDINBB: Receive Data
4RTSOUTCA: Request to Send
5CTSINCB: Clear to Send
6DSRINCC: Data Set Ready
7GND------AB: Signal Ground
8CDINCF: Carrier Detect
9--RESERVED - Positive test
10--RESERVED - Negative test
11STFOUTSelect Transmit Channel
12S.CDINSCF: Secondary Carrier Detect
13S.CTSINSCB: Secondary Clear to Send
14S.TXDOUTSBA: Secondary Transmit Data
15TCKINDB: Transmission Signal Element Timing
16S.RXDINSBB: Secondary Receive Data
17RCKINDD: Receiver Signal Element Timing
18LLOUTLocal Loop Control
19S.RTSOUTSCA: Secondary Request to Send
20DTROUTCD: Data Terminal Ready
21RLOUTRemote Loop Control
22RIINCE: Ring Indicator
23DSROUTCH/CI: Data Signal Rate Selector
24XCKOUTDA: Transmit Signal Element Timing
25TIINTest Indicator

 Note : RS232 25 pin