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 CDTV Video Slot
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 Description : CDTV Video Slot

 Pinout : 0

1GNDVideo Ground
2GNDVideo Ground
3XCLKExternal Genlock Clock (in)
4RRed (in to video card)
5/XCLKENEnables External Clock on XCLK.
6BRBuffered Red (out from video card)
7GNDVideo Ground
8GGreen (in to video card)
9GMS0Genlock mode 0 (from computer, genlock button)
10BGBuffered Green (out from video card)
11GMS1Genlock mode 1 (from computer, genlock button)
12BBlue (in to video card)
13/PIXELSWGenlock signal
14BBBuffered Blue (out from video card)
15VSYNCVertical Sync (in to video card)
16CSYNCHorizontal Sync (in to video card)
17HSYNCComposite Sync (in to video card)
18BCSYNCBuffered Composite Sync (out from video card)
19GNDVideo Ground
20AUDRAudio Right Output (from computer to RF modulator)
21DGNDDigital Ground
22AUDLAudio Left Output (from computer to RF modulator)
23-12V-12 VDC (can be -5 VDC instead)
24DGNDDigital Ground
25+12V+12 VDC
26/CD/TVCD/TV button. (Low=CDTV video on RF, High=Antenna)
28/CCK3.58 MHz color clock (C1 clock)
29GNDVideo Ground

 Note : CDTV Video Slot