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 RS422 - RS499
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 Description : RS422 - RS499 COLFAX INTERNATIONAL
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RS422 - RS499

 At the DTE
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RS422 - RS499

 At the DCE

 Pinout : 0

1GND------Shield Ground
2SRIINSignal Rate Indicator
4SDOUTSend Data
5STOUTSend Timing
6RDINReceive Data
7RTSOUTRequest To Send
8RRINReceiver Ready
9CTSINClear To Send
10LLOUTLocal Loopback
11DMINData Modem
12TROUTTerminal Ready
13RRINReceiver Ready
14RLOUTRemote Loopback
15ICINIncoming Call
16SF/SROUTSelect Frequency/Select Rate
17TTOUTTerminal Timing
18TMINTest Mode
20RC------Receive Twister-Pair Common
21GND------Spare Twister-Pair Return
22/SD------Send Data TPR
23GND------Send Timing TPR
24GND------Receive Timing TPR
25/RS------Request To Send TPR
26/RT------Receive Timing TPR
27/CS------Clear To Send TPR
28ISINTerminal In Service
29/DM------Data Mode TPR
30/TR------Terminal Ready TPR
31/RR------Receiver TPR
32SSOUTSelect Standby
33SQINSignal Quality
34NSOUTNew Signal
35/TT------Terminal Timing TPR
36SBINStandby Indicator
37SC------Send Twister Pair Common

 Note : RS422 - RS499

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