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 DEC Dual RS-232
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 Description : DEC Dual RS-232
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DEC Dual RS-232


 Pinout : 0

1n/cNot connected
2TXDTransmit Data
3RXDReceive Data
4RTSReady To Send
5CTSClear To Send
6DSRData Set Ready
8DCDData Carrier Detect
9n/cNot connected
10n/cNot connected
11DTRData Terminal Ready
12DCDData Carrier Detect
13CTSClear To Send
14TXDTransmit Data
15n/cNot connected
16RXDReceive Data
17n/cNot connected
18n/cNot connected
19RTSReady To Send
20DTRData Terminal Ready
21n/cNot connected
22 RIRing Indicator
23DSRData Set Ready
24n/cNot connected
25 RIRing Indicator

 Note : Found on the DEC Multia and DEC UDB (Universal Desktop Box). It contains two Serial ports on one connector. The 1st Port is located on the normal pins, and the 2nd port is located on some "spare" pins.

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